Posted by: drewandbri | November 23, 2011


I was talking to a friend recently and apparently right after you get married, you’re supposed to go on a trip somewhere? They call it a honeymoon? Well needless to say, that was all the shove I needed to actually pop the question. It’s basically an easy excuse to go somewhere awesome with my best friend. Everyone says that you should just relax for your honeymoon, go to the beach and get massages and drink appletinis, save your energy for other things…But…

Half of the decisions I make in my life are to do have that story to tell my friends later on, however, so I think we are going to do it big. I have saved up frequent flyer miles from trips overseas in the past and using airline credit cards, and I currently have enough for both of us to go to Europe. We are considering going for either 10 days or 17 days, to France, Italy and Greece, and going on a Mediterranean cruise if we stay for the extra week. It will be some sightseeing, some sitting on the beach, and all getting to hang out with my WIFE! 

What do you guys suggest?


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