Posted by: drewandbri | November 23, 2011


I have started watching a new show, of which I watched the entire first season yesterday. It’s called the League, and it comes on FX. It centers around guys who play fantasy football together, and it is superb. It’s actually a show that I think couples would enjoy, as there is considerable banter about things that are not football. One of the guys catches flak from his fellow players about the fact that his wife basically runs his team and makes the decisions. This leads me to the topic of females entering into the fantasy sports arena with their significant others.

Bri and I, along with my brother and sister-in-law and some other couples, filled out March Madness brackets this year. I honestly made my worst picks ever, blah blah blah, and I lost to Bri. As my reward, I got to cook her a 3 course dinner, complete with candles and wine and homemade Hibachi. (I would like to clarify that we did NOT have Hibachi that night, but beef stroganoff.. ;))The scoring was flawed, I didn’t spend enough time preparing, heck, my sister-in-law picked the higher-seeded team to win every single game, and that’s how she won. I could rant about this for days, my excuses will just keep in flowing.

Bri and I were supposed to play fantasy football together this year, but I missed the deadline. I’m very disappointed as, despite being sub-500 in my league, I am extremely confident in my potential. I’m just not convinced that most females have the dedication to watch the waiver wire and the speed to get to your computer quick enough to pick up Demarco Murray in the first quarter after he just went 93 yards.

My question is this, should there be segregation in the fantasy sports arena? From a male’s perspective, what do I have to gain? It’s called the Boise State principle. None of the big-name schools want to play Boise State because if they win, everybody writes it off as just beating Boise State. When they lose though, as they undoubtedly do, then they just lost to Boise State. If I beat my fiance, then I lose. If I lose to my fiance, then I still lose, just much worse.

So upon further review, there is indisputable evidence that:

My fiance is SO amazing, she even wants to play fantasy sports with me. 🙂


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